Review: Indecent by Paula Vogel [review by Sandra de Helen]


Indecent by Paula Vogel. 2017 Theatre Communications Group. 77 pp. This is a full-length play that took several years to create in collaboration with a thesis writer and the theatre company. It ran on Broadway, and because of that, PBS filmed it and I was able to watch it. This is a play about a play, a play that caused an obscenity trial in the early 20th century. The staging of Indecent is genius, so creative and sensual. There were two scenes in the play that made me tear up while watching it. One was the first kiss scene between two women, and the second was the final scene in the rain. I hope to see the play live one day. Meanwhile I can read it as often as I like, thanks to my ex, Pam, who bought it for me for my birthday. [Reviewed by Sandra de Helen]