Review: Paris, Adrift by Vanda [review by Sandra de Helen]

Paris, Adrift by Vanda. 2018 Independent press. 217 pp. Third in the Juliana series. Al and Juliana are in Paris to revive Juliana’s career, and to have some time alone. There is a bit of non-vanilla sex in this book, some intrigue and suspense, and more emotional growth for Alice (Al). Well-written and fast-paced. It’s the best one yet, in my opinion. My review: This is the third book in the Juliana series and I have read each one with great anticipation. For me, this is the best one, but I wouldn’t have missed the first two. I love this cover as well. I didn’t live through WWII and I’ve never lived in NYC. When I came out as a lesbian, I lived in Kansas City, Missouri. The discrimination I faced was mild compared to how things were for the LGBTQ community in the 1940s, 50s, on up until recently. Even now there is bias, and some places are untenable in their treatment of LGBTQ people. But Vanda has done her research, and she brings the characters and their environment to life. You don’t have to be gay to enjoy these books, but if you are and don’t know your history, you will get extra enjoyment from reading them. Another reviewer mentioned what great films these books would make. I agree.