Review: Beyond the Breakwater by Radclyffe [review by Lori L. Lake]

Beyond the Breakwater
By Radclyffe
Bookends Press, PO Box 14513, Gainesville, FL 32604,
2003/326 pgs/$18.50/ISBN: 0972492658
The sequel to the bestselling Safe Harbor is an even more complex and hefty novel than its predecessor. After two years, Reese Conlon and Tory King have cemented their relationship, and they’re ready to start a family. Meanwhile, Reese’s protégé, Brianna Parker, has grown weary of college in New York but is fearful of losing Caroline’s love. While Reese and Tory are much more mature and strong, Bri and Caroline are still less sophisticated, which lends a sizable amount of angst to the story when they move apart so Bri can go through police academy and field training in Provincetown with Reese.
With police work and the medical world as backgrounds, Radclyffe explores the lives of Reese, Tory, and Bri in a leisurely manner, providing a novel full of ups and downs, accidents, illness, misunderstandings, and life-threatening peril. The powerful relationships between family and friends are a major emphasis, and those who enjoy fairly graphic and frequent erotic scenes will not be disappointed. An entertaining read and yet another successful volume to add to the prolific Radclyffe’s expanding oeuvre.
Lori L. Lake has been an author, editor, teacher, retreat leader, and creativity coach, and, until a few years ago, a book reviewer as well. She’s written a dozen novels, two short story collections, and edited four anthologies. Her work has won three Goldies, three Rainbow Awards, the Alice B Medal, and the Ann Bannon Award. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and is currently working on her next novel and a nonfiction writing book about creativity. Website: