Till Darkness Comes by Sandra de Helen [Review by Vanda]

Till Darkness Comes by Sandra de Helen

McCorkle Ink 2016 202 pp


In Sandra de Helen’s Till Darkness Comes, Beth Vogelsang—don’t you just love that name?—has a strange way of sticking to you. As you go along reading Beth, a bi-racial woman, becomes more complex, more layered and harder, in some ways, to like. Well how can she help it? She’s been horribly abused and unprotected by her family as a child and as an adult. If families make a difference in how we turn out then maybe Beth is completely understandable. The best people in her family aren’t the best people, which explains a lot. Still, the more you read about Beth the more you wanting to know. It’s hard not to want to watch what she’ll do next.

Still, this book isn’t only about Beth. Or her wacky (that’s putting it kindly) family. It’s also about her childhood friend Regan Crane who grows up to be a cop. Regan is the first cop on the scene to interview Beth’s relatives when her Uncle Jerry is found not only dead, but mutilated. When Regan meets Beth again as an adult after many years, she is in a hungry for a renewed friendship, to recapture what they once had as young people. But Beth is an embittered loner. Because of her abusive past, she cannot forgive what she perceives as Regan’s coldness when they were children/teenagers.

It’s also about Risa, Regan’s lesbian therapist, a fascinating woman who struggles with a difficult client, always trying to remain ethical. Read the book to find out if she succeeds.

The plot is filled with intrigue and surprises that keep you reading until you’ve discovered the many of the answers. Answering all of them may not be possible for a character like Beth Vogelsang.

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