I write every day, so it is essential that I also have fun. And though you may not think it by looking at this picture, my cat Stanton is having fun posing with me. He has a resting b*tch face, in the current vernacular, but he is the calmest, most loving animal I’ve ever known, and I’ve known plenty. He and his birth mother keep me company and remind me I’m human.

I write plays because I enjoy collaboration. Nothing is more fun than theatre, imho. But because it has become more difficult to get produced (readings are more common these days), I turned to writing mysteries. I also write poetry, like both my parents did.

As a lifelong fan of Sherlock Holmes and a writer since the age of 8, sooner or later I was bound to come up with this idea: I created a female version of Sherlock and his sidekick, Dr. Watson. My characters are Shirley Combs (say it fast) and the naturopath Dr. Mary Watson. They live and work in Portland, Oregon, as do I. Shirley is asexual, like the original Sherlock, and Mary thinks she is as well, until the second book when she falls in love with her realtor, Beth.

I’m hard at work on Book Three, The Valley of Fear, where Shirley and Mary will meet up with Dr. James Moriarty.

I also write plays, poems, short stories, and old-fashioned letters. I write a blog called Red Crested Chatter, and have a tumblr where I post photos and an occasional poem.

I’m happy to answer questions about my work, or tell you anything I know about almost anything, especially Portland, where I’ve lived since 1980 (except for a 3 year return to my birth state in the 90s).

There are free monologues here to download, excerpts from my longer plays, also from the novels. Links to buy sites.