1958  A young teenage girl waits for her bad boyfriend to arrive in the night.

1962  Teen mom dreams of an escape from her battering husband.

Auction Day  Recent widow has to auction off all belongings and move in with her grown daughter.

Cistern  Young girl experiences crisis while babysitting.

Common as a Loaf of Bread  Young woman comes out to her grandmother.

Copperhead, or Learning to Quilt. A snake in the path can change a girl’s life.

Forever  Vampire reflects on life.

Losing My Virginity Girl becomes a woman too soon.

Love  Woman reflects on different types of love.

Lunch Trouble Young girl learns about credit the hard way.

Raging Hormones Menopausal woman raising a step-daughter.

Revival A young girl receives a heavenly visit when she sings.

Switchblade Teenage girl grapples with how to be equal with boys.

Tee’s Epiphany Nurses’ Aide realizes her own role in a patient’s care.