The latest collection in print now is Desire Returns for a Visit, published by Launch Point Press. Next will be a collection of light verse, then one of political poems. All my books are available online and in real life at Another Read Through Bookstore in Portland. Ask your local library to order a copy of any of them, they can get them for you.


AllThisRemainsCoverMy chapbook All This Remains to be Discovered is available in Portland, Oregon at Another Read Through Bookstore. If you don’t live in Portland, you can buy it online in paperback or for your Kindle at Amazon, here.

In 2015 I wrote a poem a day in response/reaction to one each day by Emily Dickinson. (Ekphrastic poetry project) Some of these poems appear in collections of my work by Launch Point Press.

Binge Press published a mini-chapbook of my lesbian poems called Invert Sugar. You can buy that here.

I have been published by Artemis Journal, The Medical Journal of Australia (my poem called Doctor Cottingham), Mom Egg, Lavender Review, Stillwater Review, and other journals, both online and in print. VOX performed one of my favorite pieces. I’ll share it in print here:



The dress that refuses

to be replicated, supplanted, replaced.

There will never be a substitute

for that first taste of luxury.

Suddenly at four years old I

outgrew it. And Mom gave it away.

Away! I still wanted it.



I find myself writing

long songs to garments, pieces of

silk, satin, taffeta. Rarest bits

of grosgrain, tissue thin lawn,

bloodied wool. Remembering my Sunday

undies, my Platex girdle in minty green

that held my already flat stomach flatter.



Before I learned to read I raised my

homemade dress in church and proclaimed:

my slip has my name on it! the cotton

garment read: FLOUR. Three years later

I wore my favorites to school: a

drop-shoulder blouse and full circle

skirt made from our living-room

curtains and slipcover castoffs.



My father died. Mom stopped

making my clothes and started making

step-fathers instead.



Deep pockets of lies lay in

wardrobes filled with cocktail dresses and

platform sandals with long narrow straps

made for a princess who couldn’t provide

school shoes for her daughters.