from the play BLUE ROSES by Sandra de Helen

I realized that I’m just as bad as he is. Now don’t interrupt me, Flora. I understood that by doing my job here, and by doing it my best, I’m helping him do his. And his job is to do as many of his brain surgeries as he can. He’s on a mission. He thinks he’s saving the goddamn world! He thinks he’s relieving the suffering, and as long as I keep sending in the patients, he’s gonna keep cuttin’ on ‘em. That might be okay if they were all violent, or dangerous or in here because they were murdering people in their beds, but Flora! It ain’t! He’s talking about operating on twelve year old boys if they act like juvenile delinquents. Well, you tell me what twelve year old boy don’t act like a juvenile delinquent on some days? And on operating on teenage girls to “fix” them from getting pregnant, and I don’t mean tieing their tubes, I mean fixing their brains, fixing their brains like he fixed Rose Isabel’s. He’s even talking about fixing Rose Isabel’s brain some more! He thinks he’s creating some kind of perfect world for parents by fixing all the wrong-headed kids who act up a little bit, talk sex talk, or back talk their parents, or do whatever Rose Marie did that makes him think she’s “incorrigible!” Look at Rose Marie! There ain’t nothing wrong with her. Nothing! You know it and I know it, and what’s more she knows it. But he don’t know it. He thinks there’s something physical in her brain that he was sent her by God to fix, and he aims to fix it, and what’s worse is this: I’m helping him! No, Flora, I AM! Just by doing my job every day, I am helping this maniac of a doctor ruin these perfectly good people. Have you seen Miss Katherine? She was fine! Fine! and Now she’s a drooling baby in a diaper. Oh my lord, Flora, and Rose Marie, she’s gonna be cut on real soon.